Incident Management Team

Incidents and training that the PDIMT has responded/attended to are as follows:

 Where/Type of Event


 SCSFA Fire Rescue- Conference   06/2014
 SCSFA Fire Rescue- Conference  06/2013
 Search and Rescue-Law Enforcement  08/2011
 Search and Rescue –Law Enforcement  06/2011
 Hartsville Fire  02/15/2011
 World Combat Firefighter Challenge  11/08/2010
 Sheriff Office Drug Interdiction Op.  04/26/2010
 Horry County (Highway 31) Fire  04/23/2009
 Sheriff Office Drug Interdiction Op.  03/23/2009
 Timmonsville Railroad Bridge Fire  10/23/2008
 Shadowing Cal 1 Type 1 IMT  07/25/2008
 Timmonsville Town Fire  06/19/2008
 Horry County WMD Exercise  02/06/2008
 Tupperware Fire  12/12/2007